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Recruitment marketing, employer branding, automation

Monadic is a development agency focussed on emerging tech. They started in 2022 with the goal of scaling to a full agency in just 1 year. They were primarily looking for blockchain, fullstack and backend developers. The high-skill level required to work on bleeding-edge tech meant they had to be picky when hiring. After hiring from their existing network and struggling to hit their hiring targets they contacted us.

What we did

Monadic gave us a blank canvas to develop their recruitment marketing from scratch. One thing was certain though, they wanted to tap into the Southern European market. Which they’d been unsuccessful at in the past. So before starting we had to gain a clear picture of the market. We began by scraping thousands of competitor job vacancies and recruitment ads. Using this data we engineered an employer value proposition that would set Monadic up for success. Next, we had to find a way to generate job applications rapidly, without overwhelming Monadic’s small recruitment team. So we focussed on channels that were easiest to automate.

By combining data from platforms like Stack Overflow and Github with social media profiles we were able to create high-value lead lists. Based on historical data we divided them into candidates who had a high, medium, and low chance of switching jobs. Those with the highest chance were handed over to recruiters to contact manually, those with a medium chance were contacted automatically, and those with a low chance were invited to online events unrelated to recruitment, for future activation. By taking such a direct approach we delivered results and learned rapidly. We then translated these learnings into digital advertising campaigns, giving Monadic’s recruitment an even greater boost. And the best part… we automated most of the process so that the candidates simply stream into the ATS with little attention needed from the recruitment team. Which is fortunate, since their agendas are booked full with interviews.


Because numbers speak louder than words. . .


Hires in 3 months


Cost per lead


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What our clients have to say:

We’re immensely impressed with both the results you delivered and the creative process and partnership. Highly recommend it.

- Michel Scheidt | Serial Founder and Investor @ Adventures

Re:source are very active and always coming up with new ideas... working with them pushed us out of our comfort zone and into directions we never would have gone without their input.

- Chris Leung | Founder @ Quad Solutions

Great level of service, and over-performed on all the targets we set. Very satisfied with the result.

- Wouter van der Meij | Co-Founder @ Quatronic

Re:source is a very nice partner for us to work with. They have a lot of knowledge, work in a structured and data-driven way and have a very high service level. Truly the specialist in the field of IT recruitment.

- Marieke Veenstra | Interim CMO @ Neomax

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