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Nerds is a tech-support specialist that provides full-service support to clients like Vattenval, BCC and Tink. After investing heavily in sales, Nerds faced a problem: they needed to grow their team rapidly to meet the increased demand. To accomplish this, they had to double headcount within 6 months!


Because numbers speak louder than words.


Hires in 4 months


Monthly applicants

Nerds knew they needed to recruit more proactively to scale their recruitment efforts, but they weren't sure how. Our first step was market research and talent interviews to understand Nerds' ideal candidates. By validating their value proposition we could ensure their offering resonated with their target audience. We designed landing pages, job ads and targeted ads to attract candidates by aligning content with Nerds' target candidates’ values and goals.

Our accurate tracking and dashboards ensured that the talent acquisition and management teams knew where candidates were coming from and how much it was costing. With a rigorous testing process, we were able to discover which channels, content, job ads and conversion types were most effective at attracting and converting qualified leads. Once high-performing tactics had been identified we connected all lead-gen channels with Nerds' ATS so that everything ended up in one place. Streamlining the follow-up process and making sure no leads fell through the cracks.