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HR Intelligence

The world of work is changing rapidly. With our HR intelligence services, we help you gain essential insights into the market, competition, and your own organization. Proactively identifying risks and opportunities for growth.

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Recruitment marketing allows you to grow your talent pipeline. We uncover the most effective ways to generate a continual stream of high-quality candidates for key positions. Proactively filling talent pools to generate predictable growth.

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You can't scale if you can't retain employees. We analyze your talent data to discover high-risk moments in the employee journey. Then create early warning systems & communication strategies to reduce employee attrition.

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AI & Automation

From predictive hiring to automated enrichment, AI and automation enable you to future-proof your HR processes. We analyse your current processes, and integrate smart automation within your existing suite of tools to increase your effectiveness while reducing time spent on repetitive tasks.

Our Process


Get control of your data. From the first touchpoint to the last, we dive into every step in your employee journey. Then compare this with our database of market insights, uncovering bottlenecks and cost drains. Using these insights we deliver a plan to generate quick wins, mid-term strategic goals and realize your long-term vision.


Going beyond strategy we develop and execute a pragmatic testing plan. Iterating until we find solutions to your biggest challenges. Driving growth with a continuous cycle of planning, implementing, learning & improving.


Once a solid foundation has been laid, we increase the effectiveness of your talent initiatives by optimizing processes & campaigns. We deliver on tangible performance targets and fine-tune every step of your candidate journey for maximum effectiveness.


Once we've found your growth sweet-spot, we simplify and automate repetitive processes. Saving time and costs without reducing performance so that you can focus on what matters most.

What our clients have to say

“We’re immensely impressed with both the results you delivered and the creative process and partnership.”
Michel Scheidt
- Michel Scheidt
Adventures - Serial Founder and Investor

Re:source is a very nice partner for us to work with. They have a lot of knowledge, work in a structured and data-driven way, and have a very high service level. Truly the specialist in the field of IT recruitment.

Marieke Veenstra
Marieke Veenstra
Neomax - Head of People

Great level of service, and over-performed on all the targets we set. Very satisfied with the result.

Wouter van der Meij
Wouter van der Meij
Quatronic - Co-Founder

Why Re:source?


Lower costs

Our approach reduces cost per hire by 36% on average compared to traditional recruitment methods. By leveraging data and automation we're able to deliver better results at lower costs.


Rapid results

Through our pragmatic approach, we've built a rock-solid track record. On average, we hit our clients's hiring targets within 6 months and retention targets within 8.


Truly scalable

By implementing repeatable, easy-to-automate solutions we deliver a service that reduces your dependency on external agencies and tools.


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