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RGF Staffing is one of the largest staffing service businesses in the world. They employ more than 265,000 globally. Their USG labels focus on staffing solutions for professionals in the finance, legal, marketing, communication, and engineering sectors in the Netherlands.


Because numbers speak louder than words.


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Each USG label functions as an individual unit with little knowledge shared cross-label. With a combination of centralized and decentralized data-systems, gaining a clear picture of overall recruitment marketing performance was a challenge for management.

As the market became more competitive in 2022 RGF contracted Re:source Agency to help them build a solution rapidly. Our challenge was to combine data from dozens of sources to help management gain a clear picture of which labels, channels and campaigns were over or underperforming. Based on these insights, we advised the recruitment marketing teams on how to optimize the hundreds of individual job vacancies and campaigns they were running at any given moment.

After integrating processes cross-label and developing a roadmap for each separate label, we supported RGF staffing in transforming their recruitment marketing activities. Setting up paid and organic campaigns, creating content, providing trainings to their teams and continually testing and improving. The results: a stable pipeline of high-quality applicants, even for their most hard to fill roles.